A win/win solution for everyone!

Welcome to Health Quest Wellness Center Professional Network Referral Program!

We are a natural health care clinic located in the City of Orange, California.

At our center, we offer an incredible variety of professional massage services for the customer’s best benefits at affordable prices.

HQWC specializes in wellness-relaxation, pain and stress management massage modalities.

HQWC Is a perfect place where your customers can enjoy a soft, peaceful, safe, comfortable environment to restore their energies, ease their bodily aches and pain, escape from daily stress and get the perfect therapies for to sooth their active lifestyle.

HOWC is a place where other professional networks can confidently send their clients/patients to come get services.


Our vision is to create a professional long-term healthy partnership in a caring, comfortable and safe environment with both our clients and all other professional referral networks. At our facility, as our client, you are not just a number. Here, we will treat you with a custom service plan that suits you best and as an individual with the highest level of respect and sincerity.


We care! It is our mission to provide professional and quality services to everyone in our community at an affordable price. It is our goal to provide custom and specific treatment to meet each individual client’s needs. At Health Quest Wellness Center, we strongly believe in the healing properties of touch and the benefits of care. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality and best knowledge about the important role we play in health care and personal wellness at an affordable price for everyone.


As a team, we are dedicated to serving our customers in the utmost professional manner. All staffs are independent contractors; hold licenses/certificates or are eligible in training/studying programs [internship] to practice within the scope of practice according to City Laws and State Regulations.

Our therapists are experienced and skilled. To ensure quality of services, as a team they all work closely under the supervision of their team leader at all times.

We are licensed and insured LLC.


• Deep Tissue/Swedish
• Sport Massage/ Myofascial Release
• Lymphatic Massage/ Scar Reduction
• Prenatal Massage/Reflexology
• Combination Massage
• Chiropractic Massage
• Remedial/ Medical Massage
• Traditional Thai Massage
• Thai-Combination Massage
• Traditional Thai Foot Massage
• Aroma Therapy
• Acupressure Therapy
• Flexibility & Stretching Therapy
• And many more other modalities.


We would like to work as your sub-contractor. Customize your own services today! Create more revenue into your office without having to do any work!

We are open minded and always open to new opportunities. Massage Therapists, Physicians and other health care professionals can effectively work together in the best interest of the patient/client.

If you are a Plastic Surgeon, Neurologist, Orthopedist, General Practitioner, Psychiatrist, Podiatrist, Oral Surgeon, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Dietitian, Nutritionist, Herbalist, or Personal Trainer, Corporate HR, Law Office, Construction Company, etc., please contact us if you see that our services can be beneficial to your clients.

We would like to become your partner and networking with you as your independent contractor or other types of professional referrals with benefits. If you like to build a new massage practice within your office, we also can help you.

At your selection, we can customize a massage therapy plan to cater to your needs and you may resell it at any value you like. You can buy the wellness package as wholesale or other. The price of your wellness package will be based on the service content you select.

Professionalism, confidentiality and trust is how we earn your business, we will not share your information/purchase/contract/ with anyone including your clients.



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